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old school barber shop Denver

There has been a recent surge in barbershops opening around Denver Colorado and we have been fortunate enough to do some logo design for some of them. Most of our clients come to us requesting something elaborate, however our graphic designers tend to lean on the simple side when it comes to creating a logo for a barber shop. When I think of  a barber shop I think f clippers, razors, chairs, top hats, beards, and an old school four chair shop in the city. The new shops that are surfacing around Denver appear to be adopting the old school barber shop look and feel. Some of them are offering drinks and cigars and making the experience more of a gentlemen’s experience. So what makes a logo work for something like a barbershop? In my opinion simplicity is always best. What more do you need than a pair of scissors? The services offered from shop to shop are pretty universal, hair cuts, beard trimmings, straight razor shavings, and other male grooming services that will differ shop to shop. Franks is considered the best barber shop in Denver, and the photos designs logo is representing them well, just check the windows on the building where it is proudly displayed.

Creating The Franks Barbershop Denver Logo

When we first received an email from Franks Gentlemen’s Salon in Denver they were looking for a logo that to me seemed to complete the simplistic nature of the services offered. They wanted a silhouette of a top hat and a beard with scissors behind the hat on both sides. My initial design catered to that idea, but as I dug around a little more I realized that there was a better solution for their logo needs. I reached back out and spoke to the team about going with a mustache, yes, just a simple mustache design. To my surprise they were very open to the suggestion and I jumped into Photoshop and started designing a very simple mustache that I thought would represent the demographic Franks was wanting to cater to. The design was simple, I used the most basic features in Photoshop to create it and exported it with a transparent background as a .png file. They have been using the logo in all their print and media both online and offline.

Simple Logos Big Results

Sometimes simplicity is best, both for you as a Photoshop designer, but also for the client that hired you. Often then perception of a complicated logo design is what many business owners have in mind when reaching out to a graphic designer for work. It’s always easier to make adjustments when your logo design is simple. I think simple designs also tend to get remembered more than complicated designs. The brain just processes them better. This is a good example of a very simple design that has been effective for a business. These simple logos also print very well on things like leather aprons and leather barber rolls for tools.

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