Creating Marketing Flyers In Photoshop

design ideas for marketing flyers

Marketing flyers were once something that were designed and printed to hand out at events or be used as mailers. Marketing flyers have always been useful for promoting events and are still actively being used to market products and events and drive awareness in local markets. The effectiveness of these marketing flyers is dependent on the design work and how engaging the graphics and the call to action is. Creating flyers that people will take, read, and respond to is an art that has long been the work of experienced graphic designers. The call to action is often minimal, it might be a date, a phone number, or even a website address to visit. They can all be incorporated into the design of the flyer to give users multiple means of contact. Here is a step by step instructional for creating a basic flyer in Photoshop. While this version of Photoshop may be dated, it still applies to the newer versions and creative cloud. Recently we have sub contracted all of our design work for marketing to an agency in Oklahoma City called Beyond Theory. They have graphic designers on staff that specialize in the design of digital marketing flyers. These tutorials below are for the DIY marketing agency or individual that doesn’t outsource their graphic design.


Those steps in the video are a great foundation for building your first marketing flyer. There are going to be different menu options in this process depending on the version of Photoshop you are using. For the most part though, the deign process will remain the same from version to version. There are other opinions to the design process and the formatting of the flyer. None are wrong as long as they convert. Understanding your audience as with any other marketing channel will be important for the success of the campaign. Here is another perspective from a graphic designer for a simple flyer design in Photoshop CS6. While this version of Photoshop may be outdated, the concepts still apply and this video is still valuable to anyone wanting to learn how to create a flyer.


In that example we saw an example of a flyer that was designed more like a document and less like a flyer. While a flyer can be anything really, we consider them to be more of the mailer style that you would associate with a postcard. The example above is a great example from a graphic designer that has experience and insight in the marketing world. Designing marketing flyers for an agency can be a lucrative way to increase offers to existing clients looking to extend their reach to their audience.

Below we have a video from creative TV. They offer another perspective into the eye of the designer and give Photoshop artists som alternate perspectives in designing flyers for marketing. Watch the video below and leave any questions you have in the comments section so we can answer any design questions you may have. You can view more photoshop tutorials from our home page.