Golf is a game that involves not only physical strength but also proper comfort and flexibility. It is very crucial for the player to be in absolutely comfortable and supportive attire. We often do not pay attention to our clothing while playing any sport. We tend to just wear a simple track pant and shirt for all the physical games or sports we indulge ourselves in.

Specifically when talking about golf there are a few particular stances that are crucial for the game. Not only stances but also a set of strokes which can be difficult to manage if not wearing proper golf clothing. Especially for women it is very important to wear pleated golf skorts for perfect comfortness and full grip over the game.

Skort or Skirt

Although it is very common to get confused between a skort and a skirt, both of these garments are very different from each other. A skirt is a short garment that is worn on the waist and falls downwards till the knee or depending on the style. This is generally worn by women and covers the lower body again depending on the style. On the other hand a skort is a type of sportswear or sports garment, also worn by women. But it is a little different from a skirt. A skort is a type of short which is designed to look like a skirt. It has a specific panel or drape of fabric which intentionally hides the separation of legs of the shorts and looks like a skirt.

Skorts can be of different design and styles depending on the creativity of the manufacturer. There are  skorts that have pleats. There are skorts that also look plain without pleats but have a net or fabric inside. There are denim skorts that can be reversible and the list goes on. Skorts are very easy to wear and are also very supportive while playing sports and games. It helps in the easy and fast movement of the player without any discomfort.

Advantages of Using Pleated Skorts

  • Breathable: Pleated skorts are highly breathable and are made up of absorbent fabrics that absorbs the sweat and helps in giving total comfort. These do not suffocate the player and enhance the flow of air.
  • Durable: Pleated skorts are made up of fabrics that are prone to heavy usage. As a result of which it does not tear off and is very long lasting.
  • Stretchable: Pleated skorts are best for sports wear as it is super stretchable. This helps in giving the player total comfort. The pleats help in free movement and do not restrict the body movement while taking a stance or doing a particular stroke.

Not only for sports like golf but in several other sports, pleated skorts are highly recommended. Sports like badminton, tennis, lacrosse and also boxing requires players to wear pleated skorts . This is because it helps in the free movement of the player. It does not restrict the movement and enhances the performance. Also pleated skorts help in giving more free space which prevents the player from sweating too much. As a result of which the player can continue with the game for a longer period of time.

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