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Most marketing agencies that design logos understand the attention-grabbing value that a logo can bring to a business. Brand recognition may be name recollection, but it’s also a visual identification of a product. There are many marketing agencies out there that use tools like the iPad and software like Sketch for iPad to ink out designs for their clients. On the other hand, there are still designers using Photoshop (also an Adobe product) and laptop or desktop computers. If you are a designer, you have heard of Photoshop, and you know all the great reasons why investing in the adobe suite of design tools is an excellent option. However, if you are a marketing agency that is just starting to scratch the surface on graphic design and brand building, you need to understand how efficient these tools are. Not only will they save you time and money, but also so that you can get the most out of your software and design the best marketing media for your clients.

Logo Recognition

Anyone that has been alive for at least four years knows what the Nike swoosh logo is, such a simple, sleek, swoosh, and yet marketing genius. How can something so simple become such an iconic piece of sports branding? Nike has sponsored and been a part of so many fantastic sporting events, and you can’t get the infamous swoosh out of your mind. That is what we call logo recognition.

Nike marketing logo

Brand Recognition

If I asked my mom what GoDaddy was, she could tell me they are an internet company, and that’s about it. My sister, on the other hand, would say to you that GoDaddy is where you go to purchase domains. It’s a domain registrar. However, if I asked her what their logo was, she would not have a clue. The name has been marketed so much more than the logo, and the brand is recognized worldwide. They are a leading registrar and hosting solution. Godaddy has taken advantage of its position online and has become a leading marketing agency behind the scene. They also offer SEO services, web design, branding, hosting, and a slew of other marketing services.

Outsourcing Your Brand Building

There are Marketing agencies out there that specialize in web and logo design, and outsourcing your marketing design projects isn’t a bad idea. You could try an outsourcing platform like Fiverr or go with a marketing agency like Beyond Theory, which has a proven track record of building brands and making local businesses thrive. Upwork is also an option if either of those other suggestions doesn’t work.

building brand recognition for local businesses

Deciding On Software Vs. Outsourcing

If you are a marketing agency and you are still deciding on which direction to go, let us tell you that there are benefits to both. Having an in-house graphic designer will help you with web design, flyers, brochures, and any other design media you need for your marketing and advertising projects. When times are slow, though, you need to deal with the downtime, and that’s never fun, especially if your graphic designer doesn’t know any other skill sets. Finding a multi-talented graphic designer and web developer would be ideal, but if that’s not an option yet, you should consider outsourcing your projects.

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